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Peranan Agroindustri Pengolah Terhadap Pembangunan Ekonomi Jawa Timur

Role of Agroindustry Processing on The Economic Development in East Java

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Keyword : agroindustry processing, economic development, interlinkage, multiplier, Jurnal, Agritrop


The agroculture industry were faced on one important subsystem on agro business, have a potency to push high the economic growth, because market slice and value added that are made the large relativity both national on regional production.

This research wants to know: (1) the linkage between manufacture of industry sector with the other sectors in East Java economy. (2) The relative effect what are appeared by the case linkage. (3) The behaviour manufactures of agro industry sectors. (4) Key sectors of the agro industry in East Java.

The research is located in East Java with used description comparative method. This study utilizes the data compiled by input-output table East Java 2000 based on price producer transaction.

The result of research are (1) The manufactured agro industry that have highest forward are paper industry, paper goods and cartoon; while the sector with have highest backward linkage are processing and tanning hide goods industry. (2) The large part manufacture agro industry (11 sector) have coefficient of dispersion high relativity (>1), and just the small part (3 sector) that have sensitivity of dispersion >1.This are showing that agro industry sector more over are affected than to affect growth the other economic sectors in East Java. (3) The sectors that have highest multiplier affect to output, income and employment each other, such as: sugar industry, polishing rice plants industry and tobacco industry. (4) Manufacture Industry of Agriculture that decent to proposed as key industry on economy development East Java is paper industry; paper goods and cartoon; rubber and plastic goods industry; processing and tanning hide goods industry; sugar industry; food industry from meal; animal food industry; textile, and confection industry; and polishing rice plants industry.

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