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Peningkatan Pendapatan Petani Melalui Kelembagaan Lahan (Kasus Di Kabupaten Jember)

Increasing Farmer Income By Means Of Land Organization (Case Study In Jember Regency)

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Oleh : Ir. Achmad Budisusetyo, MP, Fakultas Pertanian
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Keyword : Land organization, production cost, farmer’s income, Jurnal, Agritrop


Goal of this study was making comparison between farmers who followed the programme of land organization and those who did not join that programme. Parameters observed were production cost, income, factors influencing the decision of farmer to join the programme, and contribution of Jember local government in motivating the farmer to participate in the programme. The study was done in the rural area of Jember with purposive sampling technique involving four villages in four districts, i.e. Ajung, Ambulu, Kalisat, and Semboro. The subject of study was farmer classified as land owner, worker, and land renter. In each village proportional random sampling was taken. Primary and secondary data were collected and subjected to statistical analysis using t-test and multiple regression (logit model).

Results of the study were as follows : (1) Production cost of land owner farmers who joined the programme was less than those who did not join the programme. (2) Factors influencing production cost of rice were acreage, experience, number of family, and dummy variable (land organization). (3) Income of land owner farmers and workers who joined the programme were bigger than those who did not join the programme. (4) The factors which influenced the farmer decision to join the programme were level of education, number of family, fertilizer, number of worker, tax, and income. (5) The local government of Jember contributed in providing extention to farmers, and facilitating the credit and price policy as well.

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