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Pelacakan Watak Dan Peluang Penyelamatan N-Labelled Dan P-Azolla Asal Eks Karesidenan Besuki, Sebagai Pupuk Pengganti Urea Pada Tanaman Padi Sawah

Identification,Character And Opportunity Of N-Labelled And P- Azolla Fixation From Former Besuki Resident As A Substitution Urea Fertilizer On Rice-Paddy Field

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Keyword : Identificatin, Character, opportunity, fixation, N-Labelled, P-Azolla, former Besuki resident, substitution urea fertilizer,paddy field, jurnal, agritrop


The aims of study about Identification,character and opportunity of N-Labelled and P- Azolla fixation from Former Besuki Resident as a substitution Urea fertilizer on rice-paddy field were to know character, opportunity of N-Labelled and P- Azolla from indegenous strain of former Besuki Residen (Jember, Bondowoso and Banyuwangi) as a substituion urea fertilizer on paddy field.On the other hand, it also to analize properties of Azolla as biofertilizer on paddy field and produce it to help farmers in the future.

This study was conducted from January until November 2007 in the field of former Besuki areas and Greenhouse of Agriculture Faculty, University of Muhammdiyah Jember, about ± 89 m sea level. The design and methode that used in this study is Integrated approach, that consist of a field study and laboratory study. Activities of this study consists of two part. The first one, identification of Azolla in the field and germination pond, study of character of indegenous strain of Azolla and N-fixation and also P-uptake by a plant.The second one, production of Azolla fertilizer (biofertilizer, Application test in Greenhouse and field scale, and the last one launching this product to farmer communities.

The result of this study showed that the dominant strain that found in the field was Azolla pinnata, but the best strain as a raw of biofertilizer was Azolla microphylla that was found in Kalibaru, Banyuwangi. Azolla has an opportunities as a substitution urea fertilizer. The yield that was produced from application Azolla fertilizer in both greenhouse and field scale almost similar, and it was more over than the control treatment (without Azolla fertilizer). Azolla fertilizer was be able to accelerate the generatif stage of paddy plant, in both greenhouse and paddy field.

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