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Analisis Kebijakan Penyaluran RASKIN Dalam Mendukung Ketahanan Pangan di Kabupaten Jember

The Analyse of RASKIN Distribution Policy to Support Food Security in Jember Regency

Jurnal from umj / 2012-01-10 13:51:49
By : Achmad Budisusetyo, Teguh Hari Santosa, dan Akbar Pradopo, Fakultas Pertanian
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Keyword : RASKIN distribution program, food security less settle, Jurnal, Agritrop


The Side effect of the economic crisis that goes on since early 1998, until 2005 makes the social impact widely specially for low income household. To anticipate especially on food sector government have carry out with proactive action with by make a policy that is called RASKIN distribution program. This program started in 2002, and nomadays this program still be continued. Target of this program is Pra-sejahtera (low income) household and Sejahtera I houshold in order to reach the food sufficiency by poor society at the price of rice subsidize. On the other hand it was a fact that was faced by a lot of society sigh. The aim of this research were to know how to effectiveness of RASKIN distribution program in Jember regency, how far government of Jember regency response this social complaint to RASKIN program, how far RASKIN distribution program support food security in Jember regency. The research methode was used is analytical descriptive method. The data used in this research was primary data obtained from direct perception ang depth interview in field, and also secondary data obtained from relevant institution. Both of them were processed quantitativelly by cross tabulation technique, collaboration technique and by triangulation. Calculation of food security by indicator of resilience of world food. Research result showed that generally, RASKIN distribution program in Jember regency was still less effective, response of Jember government to social complaint of RASKIN program was difficult imprecise target group overcome, RASKIN distribution program was less support the food security in Jember regency (it is indicated that food security was very less settle)

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